A CBD tincture is a pure CBD oil extract mixed for human consumption. Tinctures are made for the intake of CBD by mouth and are an accessible and efficient way to consume pure cannabidiol oils. Before the cannabis prohibition in 1937, tinctures were the most popular way to consume cannabis for its fast-acting and manageable dosages; and nowadays that trend is picking back up.

How To Use CBD Tinctures

Stepping into the growing world of cannabinoids and CBD, it’s easy to be immediately overwhelmed when seeing the varying types of CBD products and how to use them.

Under Tongue (Frenulum)

There are many ways to intake pure CBD and tinctures are the most popular way of doing so, because of calculated dosages and speed. Often times tinctures are consumed by swallowing or are held under the tongue. By holding a CBD tincture under the tongue for a brief period, mucous membranes below the tongue absorb the CBD and nutrients available in the tincture oil quickly.

Swallowing and Eating

When swallowing CBD, your liver will naturally metabolize the material through your bloodstream. Some CBD users swear by mixing it with food. Smoothies, fruit, and breakfast are all great ways to kickstart your day, and CBD can be a part of that! Any food that has oil or is cooked in oil can benefit from CBD tinctures.

If you don’t know or understand how to start using your CBD oil, do your research. Often times people believe they can vape or smoke their tincture oil, but these oils were not made for this purpose. Find out what your oil was made for, and consume it in a way that is healthy and efficient.

Extracting CBD For Tinctures

CO2 is the most popular method for CBD extraction in small quantities, but there are several disadvantages to using it. Ethanol is now the preferred chemical when extracting CBD for its efficiency, effectiveness, and safety when handling large batches. Unlike CO2, Ethanol provides a CBD extract free of chlorophyll and other hemp waste.

When using ethanol for extraction, the material is heated until it becomes decarboxylated. This process primes the cannabinoids for consumption by the liver. Once the oil is in this state, there are multiple options for preparing it for usage, such as mixing it with coconut oils or processing it into a CBD balm or isolate. Apart from other methods of extraction, the use of ethanol is thought to be one of the best means of extracting CBD but can be expensive and time-consuming.

MCT and CBD Oil In Tinctures

Tinctures are very common and can be the easiest way to consume CBD naturally. Hempower is known for using the highest grade coconut oils that are composed of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), or fatty acids. These types of oils are fast acting and quickly become metabolized by your liver, creating a seamless consumption process. When making our tinctures with pure MCT Oil, we create products that are diverse and usable in many food items such as meals and drinks. It’s important to be informed on where CBD comes from and who uses it, and our Hempower FAQ is packed full of valuable information for people starting their CBD experience.

Finding Different Forms of CBD Extract

Consuming CBD in different ways can adjust how it interacts with your life. At Hempower, we create a transdermal patch that painlessly applies to the skin and can be hidden under clothing. This process is very manageable and can lead to a modified CBD experience. By providing alternate methods of CBD consumption, Hempower enables customers to live seamlessly with their products.